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1707 Moore Avenue is a three bedroom, two bath single story home


1110 Goldsboro St


602 Third Avenue


floor plans

Floor plans

-        2, 3, 4 bedroom homes

-        Custom built to homeowner’s needs - Size of the home is proportionate to family size and need

-        Homeowner options – laminate flooring color, dutch siding color, cabinet style and color, hardware style and color (cabinet pulls, doorknobs, lighting, ceiling fans, faucets), appliance color

-        Small print of floor plan – pictures

-        Slab vs. sealed crawl space – flood zone (dehumidifier and sub pump)

Floor Plan

system vision

System Vision

  • Sustainable and Affordable -
  • Affordability – savings on energy costs – provides energy saving construction practices that can be implemented during construction that can result in long term energy savings.
  • Enhances building practices with higher benchmarks than normally used in basic construction – unique – better quality building
  • Such as thicker insulation
  • Better sealing to help hvac work efficiently – Caulking
  • Uses energy efficient kitchen appliances, water heaters, lightbulbs, windows, ceiling fans, faucets

dream to reality in four months

Approved as potential homeowner
Customize – Lot selection, colors
Groundbreaking – Foundation
Framing – Walls, Sheathing, Trusses, Roof
Windows and Doors
Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Rough-in
Insulation, Sealing, drywall
Paint, Trim and Cabinets

8. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC finish

Install fixtures and appliances



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