FAQ’s About Homeownership

FAQ’s About Homeownership

Can anyone become a Habitat homeowner?
No, everyone will not meet the requirements of the homeownership program; however,
Habitat does not discriminate and is pledged to the letter and spirit of the US policy for the
achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation.

How are the mortgages payments based?
Mortgage payments are determined by:

  • Cost to build the home.
  • The prospective homeowner’s income, along with the taxes and insurance required.
  • Property taxes and insurance for the area where the property is built.
  • Appraised value of the home.

How long does the application take to process?
Once the application is submitted, it may take up to 30 days for a decision to be announced.

Does Habitat of Humanity of Craven County only build new houses?
Our process includes newly constructed homes and also rehabilitation of existing homes.

How can I apply for a Habitat home?
*At the present time we are not accepting applications for homeownership. Please stay in touch
with us and watch for an announcement of our public meeting to explain the habitat for
humanity homeowner program.