Homeowner Services Coordinator (Full Time)

ReStore Ambassador/Driver (Full Time, Tuesday through Saturday)

ReStore Sales Associate (Part Time, 23-30 hours per week)


POSITION:               Homeowner Services Coordinator (Full Time)

REPORTS TO:         Executive Director


The Homeowner Services Coordinator (hereinafter referred to “HSC”) is responsible for managing the affiliate’s homeownership program. The HSC will administer the Affiliate’s Homeowner Selection and Support Program in accordance with Affiliate policies and procedures. The HSC works (with the Board of Directors, Executive Director and the Chairpersons of the Homeowner Selection and Support Committees) with applicant and partner homeowners through the application and selection process prior to and after the homeowners become accepted into the program including but not limited to: monitoring sweat equity activity, coordinating and conducting homeownership education classes, coaching prospective homeowners during the closing process, mentoring homeowners as they assume the responsibilities of homeownership, and offering continued homeowner support and guidance. The HSC also oversees homeowner incentive programs, informational sessions, and homeowner education. The HSC works with all staff and volunteers of the affiliate including the volunteer engagement, construction, ReStore, and the board of directors.


Homeowner Selection

  • Manage and oversee the logistics and operation of the committee in charge of recruiting and selecting Partner Homeowners. Work with committee chair to determine meeting agenda, delegate tasks, and ensure follow through.
  • Annually review and update the homeowner selection requirements and policy as needed to assure they are effective, efficient, and in accordance with legal requirements. Work with the committee chair and members to prepare written revisions to the selection process as needed for Board approval.
  • Monitor the committee members’ use of the written policy and procedures to assure that all steps are followed correctly and qualified families are being recommended for the program.
  • Provide support and serve in an advisory role for committee members.
  • Provide introductory training for new committee members and opportunities for ongoing, advanced training for continuing members.
  • Serve as the affiliate Qualified Loan Originator (QLO) by keeping current with the certification and rule changes.
  • Coordinate public relations and community outreach activities of the committee. Develop, with the committee, creative recruitment strategies to attract qualified applicants and committee member volunteers to the program. Prepare and revise written recruitment materials, including advertising for applicants and volunteers. Develop and maintain partnerships with schools, media, government, non-profits and other organizations.
  • Coordinate newly selected homeowners’ transition to Partnership with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Assist Neighborhood Revitalization Director/Program with repair homeowner selection/file underwriting process.
  • Assist Neighborhood Revitalization Director/Program with repair homeowner repayment cases.

Homeowner Support

  • Manage and oversee the logistics and operation of the Homeowner Support program which pairs each prospective homeowner with a support partner who serves as their mentor, liaison, and advocate from selection through the first year of home ownership.
  • Develop effective recruitment techniques to attract new homeowner support committee members into the program. Review and revise recruitment materials and criteria as needed.
  • Train new homeowner supporter partners in Habitat policies, requirements, and procedures as well as tools for working collaboratively with low-income families and match each new homeowner with their homeowner support partner. Review and revise training program as needed.
  • Review and update the Homeowner Services Manual as needed.
  • Provide advanced, ongoing training opportunities and workshops for Partner Homeowners.
  • Work with Homeowner Support Committee Chair to maintain communications with homeowner support partners. Distribute critical information on community resources, affiliate announcements, construction updates, questions, and other topics necessary to keep Support Committee members and their prospective homeowners informed as they move through the process from selection to home ownership.
  • Work collaboratively with prospective homeowners and support partners to identify potential obstacles and challenges and plan strategies that empower the families to be successful homeowners.
  • Communicate with prospective homeowners and their supporter partners in writing and in person if they are not meeting program requirements and collaboratively develop plans for successful participation. Enforce these plans, and, if necessary, deselect families according to policy. 
  • The Homeowner Services Coordinator must demonstrate excellent customer service skills consistently performing the responsibilities of the position and treating program participants with respect and dignity. Customer service skills must include good telephone etiquette (responding to calls with timely and accurate information) and compiling written documentation of significant communications with program participants for Affiliate files. The position requires the Homeowner Services Coordinator to have effective and appropriate instructing, facilitation, coordination, process administration, report compilation, communication (both written and oral), supervisory, organizational, analytical and mentoring skills. The position requires a candidate with intermediate level skills in use of computer applications including but not limited to all Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher as well as expert user level knowledge of the Affiliate’s mortgage tracking system, and knowledge of bankruptcy laws and filing systems.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Experience in human services or social work is desirable
  • Experience in developing and delivering training is desirable
  • Experience with loan origination/servicing
  • Experience with Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • A bachelor’s degree in business, social work, psychology or sociology or equivalent combination of education and experience in a related field along with 2 years of experience preferred working in a nonprofit organization.
  • Knowledgeable in mortgage origination/servicing
  • Assist with timely and accurate closing/house transfers
  • Prepare family selection information and documentation for Board of Directors meeting, including report and recommendation from Family Support Committee
  • Notify applicants of approval or denial
  • Monitor payments of closing cost/escrow payments until new construction is completed.
  • Maintain overall contact with family as needed during Steps to Homeownership process and during adjustment to homeownership (usually six months-one year after move-in).
  • Provide prospective homeowners community resources
  • Maintain contact with community agencies offering services beneficial to prospective homeowners through meetings, seminars and special events
  • Address and resolve issues for potential homeowner families and existing Habitat for Humanity of Craven County homeowners
  • Monitor and work with any delinquent homeowners to resolve delinquency. Manage accurate reporting of active mortgage accounts.
  • Create opportunities for families and partners to bond
  • Coordinate homeowner partner related events such as groundbreakings, dedications, mortgage burning, etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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POSITION:              ReStore Ambassador/Driver (Full Time, Tuesday through Saturday)

REPORTS TO:         ReStore Manager 


The ReStore Ambassador’s primary duties are to pick up at residential and commercial locations, and receive donated merchandise, evaluate as to acceptability for sale, and deliver to the donation receiving area. Secondary responsibilities include customer service, merchandising, and receiving drop-off donations during affiliate’s open hours.

  • Receive donated materials donated to the store by donors
  • Using the ReStore truck, pick-up donated materials at contractor, commercial or residential locations
  • Regularly deliver recycle or waste items to transfer station
  • Assist with merchandising the sales floor
  • Assist with customer purchase loading
  • Communicate professionally and in a personable manner with all donors and customer; serve as Ambassador for Habitat Craven County and ReStore
  • Work cooperative and positively with other staff members and volunteers
  • Perform such other tasks as request by the ReStore Manager
  • Exhibit positive working attitude by demonstrating respect for fellow workers, donors, customers and volunteers
  • Provide excellent customer service to donors and customers
  • Provide routine truck maintenance and ensure repairs and service records are complete and current
  • Complete all paperwork, analysis and record keeping of donated items and Craven County driving routes according to HFHCC policies
  • Follow the highest ethical and professional standards both on and off-site
  • Learn and adhere to all policies and procedures, including safety standards, of Habitat Craven County
  • Participate in all required training programs
  • Other tasks as may be necessary or assigned
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds without assistance
  • Bending, twisting, reaching, pushing, pulling, and performing repetitive motions
  • Standing and walking for up to 8 hours/shift
  • Moving merchandise with carts, dollies, hand trucks and other moving equipment
  • Must have valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Minimum six (6) months experience driving a 15’ truck or larger
  • Demonstrated history as self-starter, reliable, dependable, responsible and professional employee
  • Proven stability to apply good judgement, strong ethics, consideration and even temperament at work
  • Willingness to learn and support Mission of Habitat for Humanity of Craven County
  • Foster and contribute to a positive team oriented work environment
  • Experience driving larger delivery vehicles preferred
  • Experience with home improvement and hardware merchandise a plus
  • Experience moving, packing, shipping or receiving a plus
  • Knowledge and familiarity with region, community and neighborhoods a plus
  • Willing to agree to a background check and drug test if considered for hire
  • Education – minimum, high school diploma
  • Computer – basic computer literacy, email, internet
  • Software skills – proficiency in Microsoft Office applications preferred

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POSITION:              ReStore Sales Associate (Part Time, 23-30 hours per week)

REPORTS TO:         ReStore Manager 


Work as part of a team with other staff and volunteers to receive donations, maintain a safe and inviting sales space, assist customers and process sales transactions. Spanish/ other languages a plus.

  • Ensure customers and donors have positive experiences while at the Restore
  • Operate cash register, process customer payments, process “SOLD” tags, and reconcile register
  • Clean facility as needed inside and out
  • Promptly answer phone to the ReStore
  • Clean, test, price, and arrange donated items on sales floor in systematic and visually appealing manner
  • Identify and resolve potential safety hazards
  • Move trash and recycling to designated containers
  • Help to engage and motivate volunteers to ensure that they have an positive experience interacting with customers, donors and other volunteers
  • Assist with unloading Restore truck as needed
  • Communicate mission of Habitat for Humanity
  • Assist with Habitat for Humanity special events as needed
  • Comply with all policies and procedures
  • Other duties as assigned by Restore Management
  • Demonstrated history as self-starter, reliable, dependable, responsible and professional employee
  • Proven ability to apply good judgement, strong ethics, consideration and even temperament at work
  • Foster and contribute to a positive team oriented work environment
  • Experience using various social media platform
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time, to move and handle boxes of merchandise, furniture and fixtures throughout the donation process, which entails lifting up to 75 pounds, assisted
  • Ability to understand and communicate in English
  • Ability to operate cash register, complete documentation for sales, and accurately count currency and make change
  • Ability to work varied hours/days, including nights and weekends, as needed
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug test and random drug testing as selected
  • Adhere to work schedule, show initiative, honest, drug free, positive attitude, customer service oriented, must have dependable transportation to work
  • Education- Minimum, high school diploma
  • Computer- basic computer literacy, email internet
  • Software skills- proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and Gmail preferred

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